Call For Submissions: 4th Pasnaan Ilokano Writers Workshop

Ipakaammo dagiti mangimaton iti Pasnaan, ti workshop iti panagsurat para kadagiti agdadamo a mannurat nga Ilokano, a maawaten dagiti manuskrito para iti 4th Pasnaan Ilokano Writers Workshop a manamnama a maangay iti nasapa a paset ti 2013.

Sangapulo a fellows ti mapili ken maikkan iti gundaway a ma-workshop dagiti sinuratda: 2 iti sarita, 3 iti daniw, 1 iti sarita a para ubbing, 1 iti daniw a para ubbing, 1 iti sarilaysay (creative non-fiction), 1 iti bukanegan, ken 1 iti pangorona a daniw.

Maibilang nga agdadamo ti autor no saan pay a nakaipablaak iti Bannawag iti nasursurok ngem tallo a sinurat iti benneg a sumalianna.

Dagiti pagalagadan:

1. Nasken nga orihinal, di naipatarus manipud iti sabali a lengguahe, ken saan pay a naipablaak ti idatag a manuskrito.

2. Nawaya ti autor a mangpili iti tema.

3. Maimakinilia wenno mai-computer dagiti manuskrito para iti sarita ken sarilaysay a maidatag iti doble espasio a letter sized a coupon bond iti ania man kadagitoy a font: 12 points Roman Times Antiqua, wenno 12 point Book Antiqua. Single spaced laeng ti pannakaimakinilia dagiti maidatag a daniw, daniw a para ubbing, bukanegan, ken pangorona a daniw.

4. Sagdudua a gapuanan ti nasken nga idatag ti autor iti benneg ti sarita, sarilaysay, sarita a para ubbing, bukanegan, ken pangorona a daniw. Maysa laeng ketdi ti ma-workshop. Iti met benneg ti daniw, nasken a mangidatag ti autor iti uppat a gapuananna. Dua met kadagitoy ti ma-workshop.

5. Kaatiddog ti maidatag a gapuanan: Iti benneg ti sarita, 10-20 panid. Iti sarilaysay, masapul a personal essay ti maidatag nga agatiddog iti 6-10 a panid. Ti bukanegan, 6-10 panid. Iti sarita a para ubbing, 2-4 a panid. Iti daniw a para ubbing, agatiddog iti tallo nga estansa a tunggal estansa, addaan iti uppat a linia; ken addaan iti rukod ken rima dagiti linia. Saan a makedngan ti kaatiddog ti daniw ken daniw a pangorona.

6. Ti laeng parbo a nagan ti autor ti agparang iti manuskrito.

7. Ipatulod ti manuskrito iti daytoy nga email address: iti di naladladaw ngem Enero 31, 2013. Dua a file ti maipatulod: ti manuskrito ken ti dokumento a naglaon iti paulo ti manuskrito, parbo ken pudno a nagan ti autor, kompleto nga adres ti pagtaengan, pagtrabahuan wenno pagbasbasaan, agraman numero ti telepono wenno selpon, ken ababa a pakasaritaan ti autor.

Mapakaammuan dagiti autor dagiti mapili a gapuanan babaen iti e-mail ken/wenno awag iti telepono.


The Pasnaan Secretariat is now accepting manuscripts for the 4th edition of Pasnaan, the literary workshop for amateur Ilocano writers slated on the first quarter of 2013. Ten writers will be given the chance to participate in the workshop as fellows: 2 for short story; 3 for poetry; and one each for short story for children, poetry for children, creative non-fiction, bucanegan (poetic joust), and coronation poetry.

For this workshop, writers are considered amateur if they have not yet published in Bannawag more than three works in the genre they want to participate in.


1. Manuscripts must be original, unpublished, and not translated from another language.

2. The author is free to choose the theme.

3. Manuscripts must be typewritten or computerized in a letter-sized coupon bond using any of these fonts: 12 points Roman Times Antiqua, or Book Antiqua; double-spaced for short story and creative non-fiction, and single spaced for the other genres.

4. For short story, short story for children, creative non-fiction, poetic joust, and coronation poetry, the author must submit two manuscripts, only one of which will be considered for the workshop. For poetry, the author must submit four manuscripts. Only two will be considered.

5. Length of manuscripts: For short story, 10-20 pages. For creative non-fiction and bucanegan, 6-10 pages. For short story for children, 2-4 pages. For poetry for children, three stanzas consisting of four lines each, and must have meter and rhyme. There is no specified length for poetry and coronation poetry.

6. Only the author’s penname will appear in the manuscript.

7. Send manuscripts to: not later than January 31, 2013. Two files must be sent: the manuscripts and the document containing the title of entry and the author’s name, penname, address, telephone number, and bionote.

Accepted authors will be informed via e-mail and/or phone.


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