‘Byotch Magazine’ calls for submissions

Byotch Magazine ( is an online magazine that is all about encouraging creativity, ideas and the sharing of experiences—a magazine by crazy girls (and boys) for crazy girls (and boys). We release work on a daily basis (sometimes more than once a day), based on a monthly theme.

Currently, we’re in the process of putting out our first issue—the theme of which is “Firsts”. While we’ve already published some work (articles, comics) we are still accepting work for this up until the end of January. We’re also accepting work for our February issue, which is themed “Heartache” just in time for Valentine’s.

All work (comics, art, non-fiction, fiction, poetry, photographs, collages) can be sent in to with SUBMISSION_TITLE as the subject. In the interest of honesty, contributors are given the option of using a pseudonym. They can also use their real names and submit their URLs (if they have a space online).

You can find out more about us either on our website or on our Facebook page (


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