Anthology of Bikol Sudden Fiction calls for contributions

We are soliciting works for Bakong Labot Suba: Sanggatos Na Rikas-Osip. This anthology of Bikolano Sudden Fiction is the first in a four-part series on contemporary Bikol writing.

We are anticipating prose pieces within the limit of a hundred words but engaging the discursive of the idiomatic expression, bakong labot suba, which can be rendered into English as “kidding aside” and into Filipino as “puwera biro”. The engagements should aspire towards spirited condensations of the Bikol short fiction form “osipon”, which is mostly confessional/confidential moment of the report/retort on the “agi-agi”, running passages of the quotidian and yet fabulous happenstances of a hapless, hopeful Bikol region.

Some of the possibilities we are imagining are prose interpretations of the lament (agrangay), the ecstasy (agagha), the accusation (sahot) and all manner of articulation the takes exception from the joke (suba)—the tenacious premise of a grave necessity to narrate a life in spite of the limits below heaven and earth, to humor the self that survives within the fringes of such laughable panoply.

The force of “rikas” (suddenliness) is germane to this idea of “osip” inasmuch as the experience of rush should point us to the temporal duress that persuades one to finally share the agony or the ecstasy. We are publishing one hundred Bikolano authors with the hope of documenting one hundred contemporary idiolects of the Bikol language.

Please send your works to Kristian Sendon Cordero at and J. Pilapil Jacobo at We shall await your contributions until February 14, 2013, Thursday, a date that “bakong labot suba” should humor the heart that yearns in spite of the mourning.


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