PETA gears up for summer program

pr_peta summerThe Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) opens the enrollment to this year’s PETA Summer Program. With the tagline, “Your Stories Take Centerstage” enrollees of the workshop will experience a student-centric course focusing on the process of the participant’s learning. PETA’s workshop curriculum combines the different disciplines of theater, such as creative drama, sounds and music, body movements and dance, creative writing, and visual arts into one fun-filled workshop.

This year’s summer program offers following courses: Children’s Theater 1 (for ages 6 to 8) nourishes the imagination and self-confidence of every student. This course will help them develop habits of routine and discipline through creative explorations in rhythmic movement, dance, songs, games, paintings, puppetry, storytelling, and role-playing.

Children’s Theater 2 (for ages 9 to 12) allows students to explore and experience music, movement and dance, visual arts, storytelling, drama improvisation, poetry and short story writing, mixed with fun and games. This course will bring out the artist and actor in every child. They will enjoy various creative processes while enriching their imagination, self-appreciation, as well as respect for others, nature and culture.

Teen Theater (for ages 13 to 16) challenges the experimental and adventurous nature of the youth. The course will help participants channel their youthful energy into bursts of creativity. Students will explore improvisational theater and express their youth-oriented concerns through an original production that is geared towards the development of self and the community.

Meanwhile, Theater Arts (for ages 17 and up) is an introductory course that will give participants a unique artistic experience by learning the fundamental knowledge, skills and attitudes in improvisational theater production, theater history, theater appreciation, aesthetics and criticism using PETA’s Integrated Theater Arts approach.

First of the more advanced courses is Basic Acting for Theater (for ages 17 and up). Participants will laugh, cry, tremble, rage, and ground themselves in the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes on becoming stage actors as they rediscover their own self. Students will experience the different schools of acting through challenging yet fun acting exercises with PETA Artists-Teachers.

Second of the advanced courses, Creative Musical Theater is for musically-inclined individuals aged 17 and up. Through which, students will tune their innate talents in musical theater; consisting of voice, composition, and performance. They will revel in a resounding feast for the ears through music explorations within a local context.

Lastly, PETA’s Theater in Education series is designed for educators who want to use art skills, theater methods and discipline in putting across ideas and content in various academic areas in schools.

The summer program ends with a final showcase in which every class performs a production that is truly their own, applying all that they learned with the help of seasoned PETA Artist-Teachers.

Enrollment for all courses is ongoing. February enrollees and groups may avail of exclusive discounts.

To join the PETA Summer Program, please schedule an interview for enrollment through 725-6244, 410-0821, 0916-3090707, or

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