Freelance Writers Guild of the Philippines to hold workshop on commissioned writing

fwgp workshop

Freelance Writers’ Guild of the Philippines and present “Level Up: How to Pick Profitable Clients & Persuasively Sell to Them–Without Being Sleazy”, a workshop by online freelance writer Celine B. Roque, on March 17, 2013, 2-5 pm at Sacro Costato, 13 Sct. Magbanua, Quezon City, near Capitol Medical Center.

Workshop fee is at Php 525, inclusive of snacks. The fee will be paid at the event itself.

Here are the things you’ll learn in the workshop:

  • Why some Filipino freelance writers online earn $1 per article and other unreasonably low rates, while others earn at least $50 per article. (It’s not about skills or experience.)
  • How to pick profitable target clients who are willing and able to pay you premium rates – just by using a simple technique.
  • How to craft a compelling offer that your target clients can’t refuse.
  • How to sell your writing services honestly and ethically, without compromising your values or professionalism. Even if you’re introverted or shy, and even if you hate sales and marketing.
  • By the end of the workshop, you would have a list of profitable types of clients you can pursue, as well as a persuasive email pitch template you can use to contact them.

    For more information, log on to


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