Sorsoganon artists to hold community arts project

kuritonseriesKurit-Lagting, a group of Sorsoganon artists, will be launching the KURITon Series: A Community Arts Project on April 6-7, 2013 at the Sorsogon State College Main Campus through a KURITon Forum as part of their advocacy in educating and engaging less-privileged children in the field of arts.

This community arts project is composed of volunteers, artists and cultural workers with the aim to developing the youth’s artistic capabilities and their skills in improving their community’s way of life by teaching awareness and rehabilitation through different disciplines in arts and crafts in their own cultural landscape.

The main activity under the KURITon Series, dubbed as KURIT KAN SARADIT, is the one-month Kurit-Lagting Art Workshop April 9-May 3, 2013 in Barangays Sampaloc, Piot, Talisay, and Bitan-o of Sorsogon City. This pilot project aims to encourage children to go to school, help parents understand the need for child protection, and raise awareness in recognizing both the problems and responsibilities of the youth and their potential to play key roles in becoming productive members of their families and communities.

Kurit-Lagting is a collective artistic collaboration of individual artists and interdisciplinary writers organization from the University of the Philippines-Diliman and various schools in Sorsogon City that incorporates almost all artistic disciplines in teaching both the theories and production of art. Capitalizing on the idea to come up with a community art project to reflect the conditions of an ever-changing Bicolano society through movements of the people in their own cultural landscapes and the places or communities they help shape as they leave and settle in, is best exemplified through the concept of bayanihan and mobility of art in this activity. Kurit-Lagting members believe that it is important to understand the key concepts of community welfare and development through the examination of the role of Art in shaping communities as an important mobilizing agent in the social, economic, and communal sphere of the people in Sorsogon.

The KURITon Series is held in partnership with ChildFund Philippines, Federation of Associations for Communities and Children’s Empowerment, Inc. (FACE Inc.), and Casa Miani Foundation Inc. These organizations believe that advocacy work and community education programs help promote the rights of children and youth so that they can lead the families of tomorrow.

For further information about the KURITon Series Community-based Art Workshop, please email You may also visit Kurit-Lagting’s official page or Facebook page.


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