Ysobel Gallery unveils Eugene Cubillo’s solo show

ysobel cubillo

The Ysobel Art Gallery opens the second solo exhibit of Eugene Cubillo entitled Personification on April 19, 2013, 630 pm. Show runs until April 28, 2013.

PERSONIFICATION is a second solo show of Eugene Cubillo about his visual collective, responses and interpretation to what he see and encounter in daily life about the qualities, feelings, actions and characteristics of human traits in non-living things, colors and ideas – this where his art becomes an extension of his experiences. Cubillo’s body of works is based on the human, social condition and degradation or simply human nature. The everyday common object is the inspiration of the artist, creating visuals about the social characters he commonly interact with, relate to and encounter in his everyday life. Cubillo’s idea is to create a visual language and associate the object to an experience outside the objects’ environment by depicting and comparing them in terms of human behavior in a way that captures, describes and defines the traits of an individual; to represent not only the physical state, but more importantly, the objects’ connection to, and inner presence in, life. Using oil and acrylic paint, collage and mixed media in this collections of his works shows the versatility and creativeness of the artist in any medium and technique.

Cubillo has joined actively in various group art exhibitions, has received various recognitions and awards in art competitions since year 2000 to present. He was an NCCA Diwa ng Sining 2002 Arista ng Bayan Top Three Winner/Awardee. In 2011, Eugene Cubillo dubbed his first solo art exhibit “Mga Barahang Ligaw” (Wild Cards), a collection of paintings/drawings and collages on playing cards as his way of making a statement that the medium is indeed the message: life is like a gamble.

TheYsobel Art Gallery is located at 2/F, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Gallery hours are 11 am – 9 pm, Monday-Sunday. For more information, contact (0928) 507-1117 or (02) 576-4758.


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