The institution as jukebox: Ultimate Dance Playlist at the Met

met museum_dance playlist

The Metropolitan Museum of Manila is proud to present Ultimate Dance Playlist, the latest work by conceptual choreographer Donna Miranda with dramaturgy by Angelo V. Suarez, on April 28, 2013, 10 am to 5 pm. Out of the tradition of dance halls and beer houses, the Ultimate Dance Playlist transforms the venue into an institutional jukebox, playing music by request.

Interested parties are urged to visit Ultimate Dance Playlist’s Facebook page on the days leading to the event, and post a request from any of the songs part of the publicly available playlist. All requests will be played at the event itself.

The playlist itself is comprised of songs that have the word “dance” in their titles or lyrics, and each one has been contributed by a practicing choreographer including Miranda herself. Among the contributors are Alexandra Baybutt (UK), Myra Beltran (PH), Matthew Day (AUS), Mia Cabalfin (PH), Anastassos Karahalios (GR), Noriko Kato (J), Diego Maranan (PH), Paul Morales (PH), Jethro Pioquinto (PH), Rhosam Villareal Prudencio Jr. (PH), Arco Renz (B), Emma Saunders (AUS), Erl Soriila (PH), and Iwanna Toumpakari (GR).

Facebook also provides a satellite platform for Ultimate Dance Playlist. Every song played at the Met during the event will be posted on the event page as it is being played, allowing audience members who are not at the venue to tune in.

Audience members are invited to listen. They may also dance to the music, but are not expected to dance.

A critical part of the modernist project in dance has been a questioning of its relationship to music. Miranda sneaks music back in, but only to make a more systemic interrogation: When listening to music, must one dance to it for him/her to dance to it, or can listening be dance? Must a dancing body even be present in a situation for the situation to become a work of dance? Is it possible that the dancing body the social corpus itself constituted by relations between choreographer, institution, and public, to which the dance–in this instance the playing of music at the Met by request–is no more than an index?

Presented in connection to International Dance Day which takes place on April 29, Ultimate Dance Playlist is not only an invitation to dance, but also an invitation to rethink what dance is and what networks are involved in its production.

For more information, visit

The Metropolitan Museum of Manila is located at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Manila. Museum hours are 10am – 5:30pm, Monday to Saturday (except every first Monday of the month). The Gold and Pottery Exhibits are open only until 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday. Admission fees are Php 100 for children above three years old, students, adults, and foreign guest; and Php 80 for seniors and persons with disabilities. Guided tours (lower than 50 persons) are available for Php 500 and group tours (minimum of 50 persons) are for Php 90. For more information, contact Met Museum at (02) 708-7829 (direct line), (02) 708-7829 (fax), or (email).

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