Manila Contemporary gives tribute to artist Roberto Chabet

Manila Contemporary invites the public to the exhibition opening of The Hotel Painter by Jonathan Olazo and Sacred Spaces by Erik Sausa on May 18, 2013, 6 pm. Both exhibitions run until June 9, 2013.


Approaching the exhibition in a critical and poignant manner, The Hotel Painter seeks to reclaim Abstraction’s dignity in a society that has relegated it to mere decoration. Playfully taking the hotel environment as a starting point for this type of dismissal, Olazo attempts to look at it from another angle, where the hotel instead becomes a temporary refuge for a reflection on painting.

For the exhibition, he revisits a series made in the mid-90’s called ‘The Idiot Paintings,’ which focused on experimenting with acrylic stains, wax pouring and other varnishes. Once again taking this freer and more spontaneous strategy, he concentrates on expression rather than form by methodically filling his surfaces with seductive colors and strong gestural marks. Mistakes are, therefore, encouraged and accidents celebrated.

This exhibition coincides with Erik Sausa: Sacred Spaces that is concurrently on view in the Upstairs Gallery.


Erik Sausa’s latest solo exhibition, Sacred Spaces contemplates a universal human longing to grasp what is beyond our senses. Sifting through a lifetime’s collection of reoccurring visions and elemental symbols, Sausa frames in photographs, paintings and installation his own existential questions. Having been deeply fascinated by science fiction as a child, the artist recalls the first time he encountered the idea of an infinite universe. Although this initially brought him apprehension, especially in contrast to his conservative Catholic upbringing, it eventually led to a deeper investigation of religion, space, time and consciousness. Bordering between dream and reality, recognition and ambiguity, Sausa reveals his own unexplainable and mystifying experiences to create hypnotic visual tensions across the exhibition. By setting these fragmented memories and imagined histories side by side, his hopes for answers and illumination continues.

Sacred Spaces is dedicated to the late Mr. Roberto Chabet, beloved mentor and artist.

Manila Contemporary is located at Whitespace 2314, Chino Roces Avenue Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City. Gallery hours are 11 am – 7 pm, Tuesday-Saturday; 11 am – 4 pm every Sunday. For more information, contact Manila Contemporary at (02) 844-7328 or


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