Six young artists to hold art exhibit in Alabang Town Center


ART4S Gallery invites the public to the opening of CHANGING LANES, an arts exhibition by Vitska Altre, Arvi Fetalvero, Sabrina Gloria, Diego Ibarra, Kevin Roque, and AJ Tolentino on May 23, 2013. Exhibit is until June 19, 2013 at the ART4s Gallery located at the ground level of Alabang Town Center, Alabang-Zapote Road, Muntinlupa.

Changing Lanes is a signal to shift from one lane to a different one but towards the same direction, an introduction of practicing young visual artists from non-mainstream institutions but equally progressive concepts. Six young artists, whose influences are from literary organizations, to schools of technology and a forgotten traditional thoughts, will be presenting their works in a traditional wall-bound surfaces of paper and canvas.

Altre presents a diptych portrait that represents duality and mystery. Fetalvero discusses the superstitions of crossing the afterlife. The imagery and symbols left to the ones left behind.

As groupmates in an arts & literary folio in De La Salle University-Manila, Gloria, Ibarra, and Roque expands their literacy in a different form–the visual language. Gloria presents the beauty of the struggle to defy gravity while Ibarra visualizes in graphite the human form in a grotesque manner. Roque deals with shadows in scribble form and half baked transfer techniques. giving an ambiguous form of silhouette like figure.

Tolentino plays with the representation of relationships through symbols and gesture.

Coming from non-mainstream school of thoughts, these six young artists strive to represent their generation and their sensibilities.

For more information, contact Faith Pacheco at

Originally posted on the ART4S Facebook Page.


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