SPIT and PETA present 2nd Manila Improv Festival

The Silly People’s Improv Theater (SPIT) and the PETA Theater Center present the 2nd Manila Improv Festival 2013 from June 25-30, 2013 at the PETA-Phinma Center, No. 5, Eymard Drive, New Manila, Quezon City.

The Festival will have six shows featuring the participating improv groups: People’s Liberation Improv and 3 Dudes Improv (Hongkong), Beijing Improv (Beijing), Taichung Improv (Taiwan), Xiamen Improv (Xiamen), Zmack (Shanghai), Pirates of Tokyo Bay (Tokyo), and Silly People’s Improv Theater (Manila). One show from each improv group is scheduled for June 26, 27, 28 and 30 (8 pm), while there will be two shows on June 29. Admission for each show/set featuring three improv groups is Php400.

There will also be an Applied Improvisation Network Conference for HR and training professionals on June 25-26, 2013. Applied Improvisation takes the concepts of improv, and utilizes it in other fields, particularly in sharpening skills in innovation, creativity, presentation skills and leadership. The AIN conference will be led by Paul Z. Jackson, one of the founders of the Applied Improvisation Network and its immediate past president, Kay Ross, a Hong Kong-based marketing consultant and coach and member of People’s Liberation Improv, and Curt Mabry who has been using improvisation in his work with Zmack Shanghai as well.

Aspiring improv actors and improv masters can participate in a workshop on June 28-30, 2013.

The theme for this year is “Follow Your Feet”, an improvisational theater concept which also ties in with the art form’s return to PETA – the group which first introduced improvisational theater to the country in the early 1970s. As SPIT takes on a new decade of laughter and innovation, the group decided to take a bolder step in sharing the art of improv to bigger audiences through the festival and its partnership with PETA Theater Center.

Gabe Mercado, artistic director of the festival and founder of SPIT describes the vision of the festival: “SPIT was founded back in June 2002, because I saw the need for a new kind of comedy—one that differed from the usual stand-up comedy routines that we are used to seeing on TV and comedy bars. Improv appealed to me because of its grounding on truth, the magic of spontaneity, and the fun that on-the-spot creation brings about. We hope events like these help build the improv community of the country and the region.”

Silly People’s Improv Theater (SPIT) is the premiere improvisational theater group in Southeast Asia. It was set up by Gabe Mercado and a group of friends in 2002 after Gabe trained with legendary Second City founder Paul Sills at the Wisconsin Theater Games Center. With close to five hundred performances in 10 years, SPIT has delighted local and international audiences with their unscripted unrehearsed and totally spontaneous shows. For bookings, call (0915) 790-0018.

For ticket and workshop inquiries, contact Meann Espinosa of PETA through 410-0822 loc 14 to 15 or (0906) 211-5003.

Tickets are also available at Ticketworld or the PETA Theater Center.

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