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DLSU Publishing House launches historical novel on Blumentritt


The De La Salle University Publishing House invites the pulic to the launching of “Ferdinand Blumentritt and the Philippines: Insights and Lessons for Contemporary Philippine Studies” by F.P.A. Demeterio III on July 3, 2013, 2 pm at at the European Documentation Centre (13/F), The Learning Commons, Henry Sy, Sr. Hall, De La Salle University, Manila.

“Ferdinand Blumentritt and the Philippines” is a historical research, not in the sense that it contributes to the fuller articulation of the general historical narrative of the Philippines, but in the sense that it is a work in the more specialized sphere of the history of ideas. It is a project in which modern day Philippine studies is given a chance to dialogue with and learn from the kind of Philippine studies undertaken by Blumentritt.

The specific objectives of this book are 1) to disentangle Blumentritt from the shadow of Rizal by allowing his own greatness and service to the Philippine nation to shine, 2) to critically explore and revisit his Philippine studies, 3) to be able to glean both positive and negative lessons from his Philippine studies that can be used to enrich further our modern day Philippine Studies, and 4) to mainstream his method and style of doing Philippine studies. To attain such objectives the book is divided into six chapters: 1) Blumentritt’s intellectual biography, 2) his works prior to his correspondence with Rizal, 3) his works during his correspondence with Rizal, 4) his works after the death of Rizal and up to the end of the Spanish colonial period, 5) his works during the American period, and 6) the lessons that can be gleaned for contemporary Philippine studies. The research project undertaken for this book was made possible through the generous funding from the National Commission on Culture and the Arts.

The De La Salle University Publishing House (formerly the Academic Publications Office, APO) is the publishing center of the University. It foregrounds the University’s mission of excellence in research and education by publishing academic and trade books, textbooks, and scholarly journals – in both print and electronic editions.

For RSVP and orders, contact Ms. Joanne Castañares at (02) 523-4281 or


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