Shaharazade opens Drafts 2: Works in Progress


Shaharazade is proud to unveil the plays for Drafts 2: Works in Progress, an annual theater festival featuring newly-written, unstaged, and original one-act plays. Drafts 2 is divided into 2 sets: SET A is scheduled on June 22, 27, and 29, 2013 while SET B is scheduled on June 21, 29, and 29, 2013. Both sets will be shown at 7 pm at the Amelia Lapeña-Bonifacio Papet Teatro-Museo, 64 Mapagkawanggawa St., Teacher’s Village West, Quezon City. Tickets are available for Php 250 (includes both set A and set B + a free program).


Ang Tarangkahan
Written by Jay Crisostomo IV
Directed by Neil Tolentino

The war had kept him away from home for a very long time. Excited, he rushes back to finally be reunited with the wife he had left so many years ago. He knocks on the door only to be surprised by the presence of another man, a man his wife now calls husband.

Who’s Afraid of Annabel Chong?
by Rachelle Rodriguez
Directed by Pat Valera

A couple meets in a motel room for a session of fun-frenzied sex games. It’s all ooh-la-lah’s and happy-happy-yeah-yeah’s until the name of the legendary pornstar Anabelle Chong comes up. And then it becomes really interesting.


by Sebastian Felipe Bundoc
Directed by Rolando Inocencio

A chance meeting between a boy and a girl along a nameless place. That’s the premise, but everything gets crazier from there. In a short span of time they would learn, re-learn, and forget the meanings of the words love, freedom, and sacrifice. And, the horrible wonderful meanings behind those words.

The Conversationalist
by Jose Delos Reyes
Directed by Fitz Bitana

There is a woman who takes money for favors. But she is not a whore. She is the Conversationalist. For a penny or two she will be anything for you and she will listen, listen to all your fears, broken dreams, and everything in between; that is until time runs out.

SHAHARAZADE is an independent theater company composed of alumni from Tanghalang Ateneo, Blue Repertory, Teatro Baguntao, Dulaang Sibol, Harlequin Theatre Guild, and Dulaang UP.


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