Manila Contemporary presents figuration and portraits of youthful desire

Manila Contemporary invites the public to the exhibition opening of Lost in the Crowd: Contemporary Figuration by Bembol Dela Cruz, Carlo Gabuco, Sarah Geneblazo, Winner Jumalon, Arturo Luz, Iggy Rodriguez and Don Salubayba and Life in Pieces by Eleanor Giron on August 22, 2013, 6 pm. Cocktails will be served. Both will run until September 14, 2013.

Lost in the Crowd: Contemporary Figuration
Bembol Dela Cruz, Carlo Gabuco, Sarah Geneblazo,
Winner Jumalon, Arturo Luz, Iggy Rodriguez and Don Salubayba

22 August- 14 September 2013
Main Gallery

Figuration and the human form is an important subject in visual art. Whether a study in anatomy, story-telling or emotional projection; the body continues to be a physical and metaphorical site for various possibilities. Lost in the Crowd aims to share some of these current styles and approaches in a cross generational exhibition of contemporary artists. Ranging from minimal geometries through to seductive realities, each work presents single or small groups of figures as formal, narrative and intellectual lines of inquiry.


Arturo Luz’s cyclists and performers reduce the body to its essential qualities of line, shape and color. Formally restrained they stand in stark contrast to Don Salubayba’s complex translations of classical paintings from Western Art History or Iggy Rodriguez’s surreal lament for Filipino OFWs. Bembol de la Cruz and Carlo Gabuco’s large scale figures of tattooed male bodies and figures in private spaces stir feelings of desire and anxiety. Whereas Winner Jumalon and Sarah Geneblazo use their own bodies as a conduit for ambiguous narratives of longing and loss. Together they present a multi-faceted exhibition of various intents that aims to interrogate the human figure in art today.

Life in Pieces
Eleanor Giron
22 August- 14 September 2013
Upstairs Gallery

In the intimately scaled Life in Pieces, rising young painter, Eleanor Giron presents visual experiences from a recent residency in New Zealand and her daily life in Manila. Working across both innocence and maturity she creates voyeuristic portraits of sexuality and empowerment that act as a visual diary to her own self awakening.


Giron’s subjects are strangers, friends and family she has met at random and purposefully encountered across her life and travels. Requesting to photograph them, the exchange between artist and subject contributes to a personal and intellectual growth around understanding the body and the need to challenge taboos around nudity beauty and violence. By confronting the subject of youthful desire and its associative social shames, Giron creates a psychological friction between image and audience that provoke our own secret fears and fantasies through a confident and expressive form of painterly realism. Also appearing at times as the subject of her work, she shares the curiosities of a young woman exploring the world, its uncertainties and pleasures.

Press release and images from Manila Contemporary.

Manila Contemporary is located at Whitespace 2314, Chino Roces Avenue Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City. Gallery hours are 11 am – 7 pm, Tuesday-Saturday; 11 am – 4 pm every Sunday. For more information, contact Manila Contemporary at (02) 844-7328 or


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