Vilca Art and Designs Studio launches art workshops

Vilca Art and Designs Studio launches its art workshops all year-round for kids and adults. Workshops offered range from photography, video-editing, painting, drawing, cartooning, arts and crafts to storytelling using fine arts techniques, art history and art appreciation in teaching students.


Currently, the art group is composed of young artists, art enthusiasts, and student artists who believe that art should not be always confined within the four corners of a classroom. Therefore, the idea of outdoor and home tutorials have been the staple course in the art program, where they teach and share art by shifting away from the academic style of teaching art theory and art production.

VC Art Studio is run by a group of young artists that offer diverse services such as art workshop, one-on-one art tutorials, graphic design solutions, photo and video services, and party services. It was founded in 2010 by Geri Matthew Carretero and Ervie Villanueva, who both earned their BA Art Studies degree from the University of the Philippines, Diliman in 2009.

More information about the said workshops is available on the Vilca Art and Designs website and Facebook Page.

Press release from Vilca Art and Designs.


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