Tanghalang Ateneo’s ‘Middle Finger’ set to open on August 1

Tanghalang Ateneo, the longest-running theater company of the Loyola Schools of the Ateneo de Manila University, celebrates its 36th season with the theme “Navigating Identities”. The company aims to stage plays that center on man’s exploration and need to find himself and his place in the world.

Guelan  Luarca as Jakob Rodriguez

Guelan Luarca as Jakob Rodriguez

The season opener will feature Han Ong’s Middle Finger, an adaptation of the famous German play Spring Awakening by Frank Wedekind.

1 - BOYS

Featuring a bilingual script using the original by Han Ong and a Filipino translation by Ronan B. Capinding, Middle Finger is a coming-of-age story centered on two Filipino teenagers, Jakob Rodriguez and Benjamin Lunga, studying in a Catholic school in America. In a world dominated by adults and social constructs, they attempt to find control and establish themselves as individuals.

Guelan Luarca shall play the role of Jakob Rodriguez, a headstrong and rebellious adolescent boy trying hard to break away from the boundaries set for him by the adults in his life.

Joe-Nel Garcia as Benjamin Lunga

Joe-Nel Garcia as Benjamin Lunga

Joe-Nel Garcia shall play the role of Benjamin Lunga, the best friend of Jakob, this average student only wants the good and simple things but is suddenly faced with the hard reality of life.

The other members of the cast are as follows:

Brian Ramos plays the role of Yachin, the nerd of the group who tries to figure out a balance between his logical way of thinking and undoubting faith in God.

Gab Tibayan plays artistic Wallace who had had the unfortunate luck of having birds nest in his hair

Avie Alcantara plays Michael, the new American kid in school just trying to fit in with the rest of the boys.

Niki Calma portrays Myrna a prostitute who serves as the ironic authority figure for Jakob, trying to teach him the intricacies of adult life.

Marjorie Lorico will essay the role of Mrs. Rodriguez, who stands as mother and moral compass for Jakob.

Joseph dela Cruz as Mr. Rodriguez, David Bianco as the teacher, and Richard Cunanan as the Counselor

Joseph dela Cruz as Mr. Rodriguez, David Bianco as the teacher, and Richard Cunanan as the Counselor

Joseph dela Cruz plays the role of Mr. Rodriguez, the unresponsive father figure in the Rodriguez household who seems to have given up with the challenges of life.

Dolly de Leon will play the role of Mrs. Lunga, the stoic mother of Benjamin Lunga who slowly loses to the world.

David Bianco will portray the role of the teacher, and Richard Cunanan shall play the pivotal role of the Counselor.

Members of the ensemble include Juella Bautista, who plays Celia, the quirky love interest of Yachin, Aih Mendoza playing Hilda Rodriguez, the older sister of Jakob who has left home, Soc delos Reyes playing the roles of bartender and Jerome Flor playing Mickey, the older brother of Yachin, driven to insanity by his physical appearance.

The artistic team of Middle Finger is led by Glenn Sevilla Mas (Artistic Director, Tanghalang Ateneo), Ed Lacson Jr. (Director and Production Designer), Teresa Barrozo (Sound Designer), and Meliton Roxas Jr. (Lights Designer).


Play dates:
August 1-2, 5-9, 12-16, 19-22; 7 pm
August 2, 9, 16, 19, 21; 2 pm

Fine Arts Black Box Studio, Ateneo de Manila University

For inquiries and reservations, contact Acel Go at 0916-480-2195 or email:

TA online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Press release from Tanghalang Ateneo.

KALATAS is an official media partner of Tanghalang Ateneo for its 36th Season.


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